Top 10 moments of the decade for European basketball

30/Dec/19 21:41 January 1, 2020

Aris Barkas

30/Dec/19 21:41

In a decade that the world changed, European basketball reached milestones that in the recent past seemed farfetched.

By Aris Barkas/

European basketball has made a lot of strides and faces everyday new challenges as the sport continues to grow and the old continent is one of the hotbeds of talents, competitions, and storylines.

That became more evident than ever during the last ten years. The rise of European talent on a global level can’t be denied, the interest for the sport has reached new highs and European players are getting more respect than ever on the other side of the Atlantic.

Things were no exactly like that back in January 2010, but here’s what happened since then and left a mark in the history of the sport. Here’s the countdown of the events and the moments that shaped this decade’s landscape in European basketball