The 5+1 most popular sneakers (photos & video)

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John Rammas

21/Sep/20 14:07

Eurohoops presents the 5+1 most popular sneakers.

By Eurohoops Team/

If you yourself haven’t worn them – that’s a big “if” – you’ve definitely seen others, many others, wearing them. Because, for these specific 5+1 shoes, once in fashion, always in fashion.

Let’s remember them (not that we ever forgot them):

Air Jordan 1

How can it be that a sneaker that first came out in the mid-80s is still unsurpassed to this day? It very well can be when it sports the name of the GOAT. The Air Jordan (still 1 back then) was designed in 1984 for Michael Jordan and thanks to the many different colorways and constant variations (that is, not just the colors of the Bulls) and the fact that they really look good with a pair of jeans, this shoe has really stood the test of time (it’s gotten up to Air Jordan XXXIII).

Nike Air Force 1

No, you’re not starring in the movie “Hot Tub Time Machine.” The year is 2020 and the Nike Air Force 1 isn’t just in fashion again, it is the fashion. Who haven’t you seen wearing them? Music stars, movie stars and – obviously – sports stars, but also influencers as well as your next-door neighbor. The all-white version is still the most popular since 1982. Even if they get dirty easily (well, you shouldn’t let others step on them).

Nike Air Max 90

When we’re talking about classic sneakers, we’re talking about the Nike Air Max 90. It came out in 1990 (duh!) and its fans are growing and multiplying every day. Which makes sense with so many colorways, that waffle outsole and that visible air unit. Perhaps you’ve had to look hard to find the color you wanted, but on the other hand, you can just order them customized on Nike’s website and get it over with just a bit sooner.

Nike Air Max 95

The Nike Air Max series has given the market some of the most loved models and the Nike Air Max 95 is one of them. The design makes all the difference in this particular model since it represents the human body. If you didn’t already know, a quick look is enough to make out the skin (mesh upper), the muscles (panels), the ribs (lace loops) and the spine (midsole).

Nike Air Max 97

The number 97 at the end of this sneaker’s name betrays the year this specific Nike model was made, but does not betray – not in the slightest – the age of those who wear it. Because the Air Max 97 quite simply knows neither of dates nor ages. The gold and silver editions were, still are and always will be the most popular, but – surprise, surprise – there are plenty of color variations for this one too. Wear them with a pair of jeans or Bermuda shorts (for as long as you can in the fall) and you can’t go wrong with a combo like that.



OK, you haven’t seen a pair of Nike Mag sneakers in any shop windows waiting for you to buy it, but you’ve definitely “tried them on” many times in “Back to the Future Part II” (1989). And your jaw definitely dropped when you saw Michael J. Fox/ Marty McFly putting them on and the shoes tying their own laces. They came out on the market in a limited quantity in 2011 and 2016 to raise money for the “Michael J. Fox Foundation” and research on Parkinson’s disease, with which the Canadian-American actor is afflicted.

Photo credit: Getty Images