Carroll like Langdon!

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Nikos Varlas

28/May/15 14:02

The “Battle od the Decades” column is back and pairs up two players whose athletic characteristics – like their numbers – are quite similar! Jaycee Carroll, the Trajan Langdon of the current era in the Euroleague

Βy Nikos Varlas/

Every player has their uniqueness – just like any person – and it’s not always necessary for them to be compared, especially when we consider how basketball has changed so much, even when we’re talking about two back-to-back decades.

Here, we’ll place side-by-side players that competed in the 2000s and players that we would classify as belonging in the 2010-2020 decade! Which means players of the current era and players that are just starting out or that we will enjoy watching when they are picked within the next six years!

In these match-ups we are going to be hosting super stars, stars, good players, but even role players and athletes of every sort. Because, the magic in looking for which player comes to mind from all those currently playing when you switch from the 2000-2010 decade, never gets old! You have every right to agree and of course to disagree with our choices. When you disagree, we are interested in hearing your own version of matching up one player with another. Have fun!

Jaycee Carroll (1983, 1m.88 Guard)

The Utah State graduate is a genuine scorer and a purebred shooter. After his 2 seasons in Gran Canaria it was certain that he would get a transfer to a big club. Now, he has completed 4 seasons in the Euroleague with Real, has participated in 3 final fours and is a European champion and the key player with his three consecutive three-pointers in the final against Olympiacos. His number one asset is his shooting ability. He knows though how to take what the defense gives him. He can get to a lay-up or finish the play with a successful floater. Excellent in transition situations, in the last two years he has significantly improved his defense as well.

In 91 games in the Euroleague he has an average of 10.7 points, 2.3 rebounds, 0.7 assists with 87.9% in free throws, 53% in two-point field goals and 45.5% in three-point field goals! Certainly, in a team with a different roster and without players like Rudy ahead of him, his numbers would be significantly higher.


Trajan Langdon (1976, 1m.92 Guard)

Yes, there are common elements between Carroll and the most consistent shooter of the last decade in the Euroleague, the one and only Trajan Langdon! The “killer” form Alaska, a graduate of Duke! Twice European champion, with 6 participations in the final four and 8 seasons in the Euroleague with 3 different teams, but CSKA as the pinnacle. His overall career in the top league that includes 167 appearances, reads: 13 points, 3.1 rebounds, 1.3 assists, 1.3 steals with 86.8% in free throws, 54.9% in two-point field goals and 42.7% in three-point field goals! As you can see their percentages are impressively similar.

Langdon who has played in the NBA as well (3 seasons with the Cavs) was a stronger and better athlete than Carroll. A starting player in the rotation of the “golden” CSKA and with facilitators by his side like Papaloukas and Holden. He had the perfect technique in shooting (after all, he teaches it in his academy) but perhaps Carroll releases the ball a bit faster than Langdon when he executes. In any case, we are talking about 2 European champions, final four players and the best shooters on the rosters of teams that have dominated in the Euroleague.