Players talk: Differences in daily life between NBA, EuroLeague and China

20/Apr/19 12:09 April 23, 2019

Dionysis Aravantinos

20/Apr/19 12:09

In a two-part questionnaire, Eurohoops discussed with ten players the differences between the three best basketball competitions in the world.

By Dionysis Aravantinos / @AravantinosDA

The Turkish Airlines EuroLeague and the Chinese CBA are the two leagues that attract the bulk of former NBAers when they decide to head overseas. Many players have actually had the chance of participating in all three championships and thus collect all sorts of experiences.

These players, most of them Americans bring a unique perspective to the sport of basketball, after being able to travel around the world, experience different cities, and lifestyles, but also different styles of basketball, arenas, fans, etc. What are the differences in the players’ daily routine? How’s the lifestyle different in the three continents?

Eurohoops discussed these topics with 10 unique players who have participated in all three leagues, in a two-part questionnaire. Here’s part two which includes the topics mentioned above. Part one includes the general differences, adapting to rules, and the players answered which competition comes after the NBA. You can read about it, by clicking here.

Enjoy part two: