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Aris Barkas

11/Mar/15 13:41

It’s time for one more “battle” between two similar players in every possible way. Two Euroleague champions with Maccabi Tel Aviv, Maceo Baston and Alex Tyus

By Nikos Varlas/

Welcome to one of the new trademarks columns of Eurohoops in which we will examine current basketball players under a different point of view.

Some of the current Euroleague athletes are pretty similar to the recent past greats. That’s why we will put them side to side, the present with the past 2000-2010 decade, or even earlier. Basketball is evolving with great strides in Europe, things change, but some times the feeling of deja vu is more than great.

This comparison will not be limited only to stars, but to players of any kind and role. It’s really strange how things evolve, but some times have the same core. And we believe that this never gets old! You have every right of course, to agree or disagree and we would like to have also your opinion on the matter.

Alex Tyus (1988 2m.03)

He is a Euroleague champion with Maccabi Tel Aviv, he was impressive in Milan’s Final Four, and he is typical case of player whose game is based in his athetic abilities. He is explosive and a gifted finisher after pick and rolls.

In his second season with the team – he was a player of Cantu and also of Maccabi Ashdod – and so far his career averages in Euroleague are the following: 7,5 p. (65,9% in 2p.), 4,8 rebounds and 1,3 blocks, a number in which he is even better this year (1.8!). He has a problem in the charity line, shooting just 51,7% in free throws. Who does he remind you?

Maceo Baston (1976 2m.06)

A two time Euroleague champion and guess with which team… the same, Maccabi Tel Aviv! Maceo Baston was part of the elite team which won back to back Euroleague titles in 2004 and 2005. His game is more than similar with that of Tyus. An explosive athlete, an impressive finisher, an above the rim defender. In his three Euroleague seasons he had 13.3 points (64,8%) with 6,5 rebounds, 1.4 blocks and he was a little bit better free throws shooter (63,1%). They really look alike. And don’t jump into conclusions for the better scoring average of Baston. You have to consider the fact that Maccabi had at the time two creaters like Jasikevicius and Vujcic.