The EuroLeague coaching dynasties by countries

09/Aug/18 13:52 August 9, 2018

Aris Barkas

09/Aug/18 13:52

EuroLeague finished its 61st season if you take into account not only the modern era of the competition but also the European champions cup days. And with more than a half a century tradition, there are very few countries that really have a coaching dynasties

By Stelios Toromanidis/

Since 1958 the best clubs in Europe are facing each other in order to define who is the best. Despite the fact that a total of 61 seasons have passed since then, in total, just 21 clubs have won the ultimate crown.

The teams were led by 30 different coaches. And those coaches have their origin in just 11 countries. It’s time for a history lesson, even if the current generation of coaches have very few things to be jealous of the past legends.