Donovan Mitchell should be the rookie of the year because “no one expected it”

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Aris Barkas

25/May/18 13:27

Donovan Mitchell talks to Eurohoops about his rookie season, explains why he should be the rookie of the year, evaluates Luka Doncic and aims for the NBA championship title.

By Aris Barkas/

Donovan Mitchell spent last weekend in Belgrade, Serbia, and made a stop in Athens, Greece, before returning to the States.

Τhe rookie who turned heads all around the world, leading the Utah Jazz to the second round of the playoffs and winning the dunk competition in the recent All-Star Game, was having his first trip as a global NBA star. And along the ride, he talked to Eurohoops about winning the rookie of the year award, his experience in the EuroLeague final, Luka Doncic, his “Spider-Mitchell” nickname and more.

What I have done this season is a little different than most people“, he answered when asked why he should be the rookie of the year, “and the biggest thing that helps me is that no one expected it, I didn’t expect it. So the element of “surprise” will be on my side“.

As for Luka Doncic and his NBA chances, according to Mitchell who saw him play at Belgrade, “he will be a Top Five pick in my opinion. He can do so many different things and he has size, that definitely helps too“.

No one really called me, I just called myself“, explained Utah’s guard when asked about the “Spider-Mitchell” nickname, “and for a little bit people made fun of me, but the NBA take the nickname and run with it“.

And while the championship title is the ultimate goal, for Donovan Mitchell the goal is simple for next season after getting to the second round of the playoffs: “One round further than we made it“.

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