26 Years, 12 Players, 1 Boss: Team Obradovic

16/May/18 21:58 May 16, 2018

ανιλ Καν σεδεφ

16/May/18 21:58


In his 26 years of a top coaching career, Zeljko Obradovic created many great teams. How about we create a roster from everything he has offered and makes an “All-Obradovic” team? Be prepared for a super-team filled with elite talent, historical experience and, of course, lots of trophies!

By Utkan Şahin / Translation: Anıl Can Sedef & Mehmet Bahadır Akgün

Zeljko Obradovic is one of the most important figures of European basketball history, if not the most important one.

Since the day he became a coach in 1991, everything that changed and remained the same in the continent’s game revolved around him. He has built such an unparalleled career that no other European coaching legend can match his legacy.

A total of 17 EuroLeague Final Fours, nine titles in 26 years and 39 trophies in total! A man who brings glory wherever he goes, whenever he goes. A man who made the youngest Partizan roster in the history of the EuroLeague, the continental champions.

A man who brought unforgettable consecutive titles to Spanish basketball. A man who turned Panathinaikos into a European dynasty. And also a man who made the big dream of Turkish basketball’s European championship a reality.

To have this kind of success, you have to have talented players and teams. Wherever Obradovic went, he made his team EuroLeague contenders.

He nurtured, improved the best and helped them become champions.

Eurohoops presents an “All-Obradovic” roster that (hypothetically) functions as a real team. The best possible roster, from the best head coach in European basketball history.