EuroLeague: The Top 10 coaches of modern history

13/May/18 11:50 May 13, 2018

Aris Barkas

13/May/18 11:50

The 17th Final Four in the modern era of the EuroLeague (2000-today) is just around the corner and Eurohoops presents the Top 10 coaches of the competition based on titles and achievements.

By Stelios Toromanidis /

If the players are the protagonists in the “movie” of a basketball game, the coach is the… director. He is the absolute coordinator of everything we see taking place in a fast pace on the courts, and the person who envisions the team’s course to the Final Four and the trophy.

Fortunately or unfortunately, in professional sports, everything is judged by the result and coaches know this better than anyone. They bear the brunt when things get tough, while they receive less than what they should of the spoils when success comes. But this is the job of the coach. Hundreds of coaches have taken part in the modern era of Europe’s top club competition, with the aim of taking their teams to the top and becoming prominent. Ten of them didn’t just try, they made it, and the result was the payoff for their labors, the fans’ recognition and our own praise.

From 2000 to today, there have been eight different teams that have won the competition and ten coaches that led them to this achievement. Eurohoops presents those ten, along with some interesting stats. Who has the most trophies? Who has the most wins? Who has the most appearances? Who has the highest win average?

All the answers are on the list that follows, which is in the form of a countdown. The ranking was made according to:

  1. The conditions under which they reached their accomplishments
  2. The number of their trophies
  3. The number of their Final Four appearances
  4. Personal distinctions

*All of the following data concerns the modern era of the EuroLeague (2000-2017).