Euroleague Top100 players (90-81)

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Aris Barkas

02/Oct/14 11:53

Εurohoops continues the presentation of the top100 best Euroleague players for the upcoming season.It’s time for the spots 90 to 81 which include some new arrivals from the NBA, some experienced European veterans and of course, young talent

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Εurohoops continues the presentation of the top100 best Euroleague players for the upcoming season. In order to read the list of the players between spots 100-91 you can click here. As for the criteria of our selection, you can read them once more.

Τhe criteria

The first think that we have to do is explain our ranking criteria. We have divided our rankings into five different aspects, which create what we considered a total picture for every player and in the end our Top100. We present them to you according to the importance that they have in our final decision about the placement of each player.

1. Player’s value: The overall appraisal of each player on the court. His playing skills, his leadership ability, his quality as a unit not depending on the team he is currently playing.
2. Playing role: The importance of each player for his team, not only in the past but also in projection for the upcoming season. It’s an important aspect of our rankings, because that’s how players who are leaders in lesser teams are entering the top100 and quality players in loaded roster are being left out.
3. Team value: It’s the third most important criterion. Specially in Europe the team matters, because of the financial and quality differences, you can predict very accurately in most cases how far they can go in the season and their potential in the league.
4. Individual potential: That has to do only with the possible ceiling of each player. How much they can evolve and get near the top, depending their current state, their talent and their age.
5. The numbers: Each player’s stats, not only from past seasons, but also his possible performance in the upcoming season. As you can understand, it’s a part speculative criterion and that’s why it’s our last priority, because the way the game is played in Europe, this is something very related to the quality of each team and the role each player has .

Those are the five aspects taken into account in our top100 rankings. Considering the fact that in total there are more than 360 players in the 24 teams’ roster, our task was more than hard and in some cases torturing. Here’s the result.

#EuroleagueRankings 90-81

#90 Samardo Samuels 1989 2m.06 C ΕΑ7 Milano
After his explosion in last season’s Top16, which was his break out party and pushed him in the top level, this is the year of bigger expectations and demands. He is a typical undersized center with a pick and roll proficiency.

#89 Davis Bertans 1992 2m.05 F Laboral Kutxa
He finished the season on a positive note with Partizan (12,5 p., / 2,8 r.). He is a fighter that can contribute everywhere with his all around game. In the new – and relatively week – version of Laboral Kutxa, he is expected to be among the leaders.

#88 Kresimir Loncar 1983 2m.10 C Valencia
After the changes made this summer in Valencia, he is expected to be the anchor of the time in the front line. He has experience and quality in offense and what make or break his season is consistency.

#87 Νikola Kalinic 1991 2m.02 F Red Star
Ηe was one of the most talked about players of Serbia during the recent World Cup. He is athletic, a capable scorer and an energizer. That’s the best way for him to enter the new season as a member of Red Star.

#86 Nikos Pappas 1990 1m.94 G Panathinaikos
He was impressive in the start of his rookie year and then he suddenly disappeared. His offensive talent is impressive and this year’s roster of Panathinaikos will give him the chance to shine. The question is how he will take advantage of this chance, without seeking excuses and feeling wronged by other.

#85 Paulius Jankunas 1984 2m.03 F Zalgiris Kaunas
He and Javtokas are by far the most experienced players of Zalgiris. He is the man for every job, he rested this summer and if he stays healthy, he is expected to have a really productive season.

#84 MarShon Brooks 1989 1m.96 F EA7 Milano
He decided to stop bouncing around the NBA and the NBDAL in order to cross the Atlantic for EA7 Milano. He is a gifted scorer, a really talented player and the question is how long his adaptation period will be and how his game will fit the European style of play.

#83 James Anderson 1989 1m.98 F Zalgiris Kaunas
He is the most quality player of Zalgiris and even during the preseason it’s evident that he will have a dominant role in the team. The former NBAer wants to create some noise in Euroleague and he is bound to do that, no matter what the results of the Lithuanians will be.

#82 Viktor Sanikidze 1986 2m.03 F Unics Kazan
He returns to Euroleague in a team full of offensive talent, so he will have to provide defence and rebounding in order to gain minutes from Kaimakoglou. He has the experience and the quality to be an asset.

#81 Matt Janning 1988 1m.93 G
In what’s expected to be a big season for Anadolu Efes, the American sharp shooter will have a pivotal role in the rotation of the team. He sure can shoot, but coach Ivkovic will demand much more from him and the season is a big personal bet for him.

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