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Aris Barkas

01/Oct/14 15:11

For the first time ever in Europe, Eurohoops is attempting to rank the best 100 Euroleague players of the upcoming season! It’s not something easy, but it’s more than interesting. Here are our picks for the first ten spots (100-91)

By Nikos Varlas/

For the first time ever in Europe, Eurohoops is attempting to rank the best 100 Euroleague players of the upcoming season! It’s not something easy, but it’s more than interesting. We have to warn you that on this kind of rankings there’s also a lot of subjectivity involved and there’s always a lot of room for debate and arguments. So let us explain ourselves, before we hear your objections.

Τhe criteria

The first think that we have to do is explain our ranking criteria. We have divided our rankings into five different aspects, which create what we considered a total picture for every player and in the end our Top100. We present them to you according to the importance that they have in our final decision about the placement of each player.

1. Player’s value: The overall appraisal of each player on the court. His playing skills, his leadership ability, his quality as a unit not depending on the team he is currently playing.
2. Playing role: The importance of each player for his team, not only in the past but also in projection for the upcoming season. It’s an important aspect of our rankings, because that’s how players who are leaders in lesser teams are entering the top100 and quality players in loaded roster are being left out.
3. Team value: It’s the third most important criterion. Specially in Europe the team matters, because of the financial and quality differences, you can predict very accurately in most cases how far they can go in the season and their potential in the league.
4. Individual potential: That has to do only with the possible ceiling of each player. How much they can evolve and get near the top, depending their current state, their talent and their age.
5. The numbers: Each player’s stats, not only from past seasons, but also his possible performance in the upcoming season. As you can understand, it’s a part speculative criterion and that’s why it’s our last priority, because the way the game is played in Europe, this is something very related to the quality of each team and the role each player has .

Those are the five aspects taken into account in our top100 rankings. Considering the fact that in total there are more than 360 players in the 24 teams’ roster, our task was more than hard and in some cases torturing. Here’s the result.

#EuroleagueRankings 100-91

#100 Furkan Korkmaz 1997 1m.97 G Anadolu Efes

The last player of the list is big gamble which we will gladly take, despite the fact that it’s not yet clear how he will be used by Anadolu Efes. He is a natural talent, an offensive stud, he is long and athletic and has great potential. We expect from Dusan Ivkovic, who specialize in evolving young talent, to present him at some point during the season as a wildcard.

#99 Romain Sato 1981 1m.94 F Valencia

He is a hard working player for his team in every part of the game and a former Euroleague champion as a member of Panathinaikos. He is the man for every special assignment by coach Perasovic and it will not be hard for him to average a double digits number in points.

#98 Shawn James 1983 2m.08 C EA7 Milano

During the 2012-13 season he was among the top 5 centers of the league. His injury last year cost him the season, but if he returns healthy, he has the tools to make a fresh start at Milan and being again a factor.

#97 Reggie Redding 1988 1m.96 G Alba Berlin

If you consider his presence in the Top100 a surprise, then think again. We believe that he can be one of the most talked players during the regular season. He is a team player, he can do a lot of things on the court and he has great motive, as he has already proven in the recent German Supercup.

#96 Bojan Dubljevic 1991 2m.05 F/C Valencia

He is a great pick and roll finisher and one of the key players of Valencia during last season’s run to the Eurocup title. He will be tested in Euroleague and what keeps him from being among the elite is his defense and creating ability.

#95 Vasilije Micic 1994 1m.95 G Bayern Munich

He can even be a candidate for the rising star award under the guidance of coach Pesic in Bayern Munich. What he lacks in athletic ability, he covers it with a great knowledge of the fundamentals, great basketball IQ and instinct.

#94 Boban Marjanovic 1988 2m.21 C Crvena Zvezda

The Serbian giant ended last regular season with 10.8 ppg, 7.7 rebounds and almost one block per game, averaging 20 minutes on the floor. He is an old school center, one of the few left all over the world, and that makes him in some cases more than effective.

#93 Τarence Kinsey 1984 2m.00 F Nizhny Novgorod

He had a great season with Partizan, contributing in every aspect of the game and bringing a lot of energy on the floor. We expected him to end up in a bigger club, but if he remains healthy, he should emerge as the leader of Nizhny.

#92 Dusko Savanovic 1983 2m.04 F Bayern Munich

He comes from a bad season at Anadolu Efes with his numbers and presence keeping him out of the Serbian national team. He is expected to be a leader in Bayern, providing a scoring punch and also rebounding and creation from the post.

#91 Sofoklis Schortsanitis 1985 2m.06 C Maccabi Tel Aviv

Under normal circumstances Big Sofo should have been higher. However his recent weight and health issues have pushed him back, since we don’t know yet when and how he will be able to help Maccabi in the upcoming season. As a member of the Euroleague champions he averaged 9.6 points and 2.6 rebounds in 14 minutes per game.

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