Turkish Airlines EuroLeague: Lords of The Quarters

01/Dec/17 14:27 December 3, 2017

Mehmet Bahadır Akgün

01/Dec/17 14:27


Game ON! Literally, Turkish Airlines EuroLeague has already been back with its endless passion and fighting spirit. Eurohoops brings you a special piece on stats that you cannot find anywhere else, with alt the interesting facts about each quarter.

Utkan Sahin & M. Bahadır Akgun / info@eurohoops.net

Turkish Airlines EuroLeague has been the leading basketball competition in the Old Continent for quite a while. Now with its new format allowing all the teams to play against each other, it’s even more exciting.

We got underway with the new season six weeks ago and we’ve already seen 72 games! Each team played against nine of the best teams in Europe and none of them look unbeatable. Distinguished readers, I would like to state a certain fact regarding this competition: Are you planning to predict the result of a particular game? It does not seem so likely. Everyone can beat anyone. CSKA Moscow and Olympiacos Piraeus are the leading powerhouses, and even they have two losses each.

And no team is doomed to lose! Each team has at least two wins, with some coming against the biggest rivals. Anyways, let us cut the long story short.

At Eurohoops, we decided to analyze each player’s numbers in every single quarter, to see who dominates when. After 72 games, here are the leaders in each main category for every 10-minute period of competitive action… And we uncovered some pretty interesting facts.

Please note that wherever the numbers were tied, we took into consideration the minutes spent on the court as a tiebreaker.