EuroLeague Power Rankings by Eurohoops: Vol. 2

03/Nov/20 15:45 November 3, 2020

John Rammas

03/Nov/20 15:45

Eurohoops presents the second edition of the Turkish Airlines EuroLeague Power Rankings.

By John Rammas/

Status, dynamics, form and the significance of results were the criteria for ranking the 18 teams.

Due to the unique circumstance of some teams playing more games than others because of the pandemic – not to mention some teams out-performing our wildest expectations – we are waiving our normal restriction limiting teams from moving more than six places from one month to the next.

Without further ado, here are the new rankings:


Previous ranking: 17 (-1)
Record: 0-3
At home: 0-1
Away: 0-2
Offense-Defense: 70-78.3

In contrast to Zenit St Petersburg below, ASVEL sample so far is more than enough for them to be assessed. Maybe as they go forward and games become successive they will manage to improve in many areas, but until then, the last place in the standings and the power rankings is rightfully theirs.