Tenerife betting on veteran experience to push them through uncertain times

30/Sep/20 11:38 September 30, 2020

Stefan Djordjevic

30/Sep/20 11:38


Iberostar Tenerife has kept, and perhaps even extended, its core filled with experienced veterans – trusting in their knowledge and skills to push the squad through the upcoming challenges

By Stefan Djordjevic/ info@eurohoops.net

All the teams that will compete for the 2019-2020 Basketball Champions League title in the Final Eight starting September 30th have been active in the transfer market, adding valuable pieces to the roster.

Iberostar Tenerife has been no exception, however, the Spaniards have kept their veteran core and there is one thing they count on more than any other squad they’ll face. Experience. In every sense of the word.

The club has been participating in the Basketball Champions League since its beginnings four years ago and was, in fact, the one to win the inaugural 2016-17 season.

They stayed a top team and a title-contender in the years that followed but didn’t manage to reach the top again, falling in the Round of 16 and in the Final. Nonetheless, Tenerife returned for another great season, making a case for itself prior to the hiatus and will without a doubt be a legit challenger for the trophy in the Final Eight.

Now, one might say that those facts have stayed in the past and don’t matter in the upcoming games but the one leading Tenerife to their BCL title and the Final was coach Txus Vidoretta who will also lead them going forward.

And last summer, the experienced coach has brought into his squad valuable veterans who have since become the essence of the team.