EuroLeague: The five Americans that didn’t deliver

09/May/18 12:06 May 9, 2018

Aris Barkas

09/May/18 12:06

There are players who outdo themselves and there are others who would love to go back in time and prove they can contribute a lot more! Eurohoops presents five US imports from this season’s EuroLeague who didn’t justify the excitement that existed in relation to their arrival.

Βy George Orfanakis /

Every summer, enhancing the team with new transfers is the most important topic of discussion among a team’s coaching staff and the management.

Each team tries to secure those additions that will take them to a higher level and American players are always in demand. Besides, the US market is huge and there is plenty of talent.

There are times, however, when things don’t go according to plan and those transfers don’t perform as expected. Lack of chemistry and difficulties in adjusting are two of the main causes for that.

Eurohoops presents 5 cases of American athletes who played in EuroLeague teams this season but weren’t able to satisfy with their performance…