NBA Playoffs: The European leader of each team

14/Apr/18 11:06 April 14, 2018

Dionysis Aravantinos

14/Apr/18 11:06

Eurohoops presents the best European player in each playoff team ahead of the NBA playoffs.

By Dionysis Aravantinos /

The NBA playoffs are here. The 16 best teams of the two conferences will compete, starting on Saturday (14/04) for the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy, and European players are a huge part of it.

In all 16 teams, there is at least one international player and this year, a record number of 62 international players (36 from Europe) will play in the 2018 NBA playoffs.

Moreover, Eurohoops presents the European player who is expected to have the bigger possible impact on each playoff team, starting with the Eastern Conference and the #1 seeded Toronto Raptors.