The Top10 of the EuroLeague free agents

20/Jun/17 12:50 June 20, 2017

Aris Barkas

20/Jun/17 12:50

The championships in most European countries have been completed and the teams have already begun planning the next season, which means that, in the near future, there are going to be a lot of transfer moves

By Giorgos Orfanakis /

There might not be any competitive action going on now but, for the last few days, the transfer market has been especially active.

The coaches, together with the managements, are putting all competitive concerns on the table and planning their moves very carefully in order to correct the problems and come back improved for the new season.

Besides, the contracts of several players have expired and, as a result, they are free agents, while there are some who, thanks to their excellent performances, will definitely try to find something better even if they’re not free.

Eurohoops presents a list with some of the most important free agents that competed in the EuroLeague. These are top-shelf players who can tip the balance in a variety of ways in any team they are transferred to. It’s worth noting that there are several more names that are not included below…