Erdogan on win over Fener: “I wasn’t expecting such a margin”

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Antonis Stroggylakis

27/Oct/19 17:10

Galatasaray took a mighty victory in the Istanbul derby.

By Mehmet Bahadir Akgun/

Galatasaray coach Ertugrul Erdogan admitted to being surprised with his team beating archrival Fenerbahce Beko by 19 points.

“I think it was our team that played better for the major part of the game,” Erdogan said during the post-game flash interview. “Frankly, I was not expecting such a margin, but our players wanted to win so much. I really want to thank them very so much because we are also going through a tough period like Fenerbahce, as we play away games one after another.

“Fans was the X-Factor”

Erdogan proceeded to praise the Galatasaray fans for the support they showed to the squad. “Most importantly, it means a lot for me to see the fans like this. I hope we get used to this. I would like to thank everyone who was here today. This really was a very important job over here. I think the X-Factor was not the players, but the fans. I want to thank each one of them.”