Nanterre coach Donnadieu on LNB’s plans to conclude season in September: It’s weird to say the least

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Antigoni Zachari

02/May/20 13:17

The Nanterre coach criticized LNB’s plan to possibly conclude the season in September.

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Pascal Donnedieu spoke to Le Parisien about the French League’s pending decision to conclude the 2019-20 season in September, as well as the financial impact of the coronavirus pandemic to the Pro A teams.

“What I can humbly say, as a coach, is that not knowing if we will resume or not makes looking into the future very difficult. There are politicians and leaders who can think to make the right decision. Unfortunately, we and the players who have decided to stop the championship, we do not know more. We are waiting for the politicians to decide”, he told.


“I feel responsible for the team, the players that I will have under my orders, the staff that I have with me. What I put well above everything else, is the health aspect. Before thinking of any recovery plans, everything will have to be carefully considered to not put anyone in danger. In a club, there are employees, volunteers who work, the audience that will return and we have to think of their well-being before any other considerations”.

The Nanterre coach then shared his thoughts on LNB’s plans to end the season in September and the potential budget drop due to the crisis.

“I have a simple point of view as a coach: there are clubs that have done well in their season, others less well. We stayed on 12 wins in 14 games. We were sixth before the season stopped. Now, to pick up where we left off with different numbers, it’s weird, to say the least.”

“I think that we must prepare for a budget drop of 30 to 40%l for clubs in general. We are facing a crisis and we will have to be able to adapt. But, for me, health is more important than the club economy.”