Stan Van Gundy: I should’ve played Boban more in Detroit, he’s unstoppable

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Stefan Djordjevic

08/Dec/19 13:12

Boban Marjanovic once again impressed his former coach Stan Van Gundy who admitted he should’ve used the Serbian big a lot more while leading the Detroit Pistons

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Boban Marjanovic had a great night in Dallas’ win against New Orleans with 15 points and 16 rebounds which was his best performances this season.

After the game, his former coach Stan Van Gundy praised Boban and noted that one of his ‘lessons’ from being the Detroit Pistons coach was that he should’ve used the Serbian big man a lot more:

“Look, I feel like one of the things coming out of my time in Detroit – you always evaluate yourself – I should’ve played him more. I really should’ve. And I think there are other coaches that would say the same thing,” Van Gundy said on NBA TV and explained further.

“As the coach, you tend to think about the defensive end of the floor all the time. And he can be a problem there but the man’s unstoppable and unselfish and the whole thing… I wish I would’ve played him more.”

Van Gundy also spoke highly of Marjanovic’s wide skill set and that he is quite unselfish, to the point you have to coach him to focus points first: “Listen, the guy can really shoot the ball out to about 18 feet, he’s a great free-throw shooter, he’s an outstanding passer. In fact, one of the things you go through coaching him is to get him to understand how unstoppable he is down low. He wants to pass the ball. Like – ‘No, no, my man, you’re within four feet of the basket, nobody can stop you, shoot it’.”