Willy Hernangomez: “I want to play. I don’t care where”

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Antonis Stroggylakis

22/Jan/18 16:48


Willy Hernangomez wants to receive some sufficient playing time. And this might take him away from the Garden.

By Antonis Stroggylakis/ info@eurohoops.net

It’s only natural for Willy Hernangomez to feel a certain amount of discontent with his lack of playing time in the New York Knicks and to want to enter a situation where he can get more minutes on the floor.

The 23-year-old Spanish center has stepped on the court in 20 out of the 47 matches the Knicks have played so far this season, averaging 9.3 minutes per game. And he desires to see more action.

“I want to play. I don’t care where. I’m ready for anything. I’m working to change this situation and play,” Hernangomez said to Spanish news agency EFE.

The transfer deadline expires on February 8 and Hernangomez thinks it’s possible that he’ll switch teams until then.

“I believe there’s going to be a change. I guess for the better. I’d like to continue here, but I don’t close the door to anything. I just want to play. There are some weeks until the transfer deadline. I just want to play.” he added.

Hernangomez enjoys being a member of the New York Knicks but spending most of his time on the bench isn’t really his cup of tea. “I love the city, the fans, the teammates… but I’m 23 years old. I’m very ambitious, I’m hungry and I want to play.” 

Regarding his recent form, the international Spaniard commented that it’s sky high. “Physically I’m better than ever. I work patiently and improving my shot and other things in order to be prepared when I have the opportunity to play. Not just a few minutes.”

Kristaps Porzingis who had been Hernangomez’s teammate also in Sevilla, back in 2013-2015, said the following to EFE: “We are good friends and I try to tell him to keep working. Not lower his head and not show that he is frustrated. It’s clear that he is and it is normal. He has to continue with a positive attitude, keep working and I am sure that if he does, his time will come and will be ready.”

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