From the Court to the Casino: Athletes Who Excel in Basketball and Gambling

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John Rammas

21/Aug/23 12:18

Finding a hobby with the same adrenaline and excitement as a top-level NBA game can be difficult for many top professional basketball players.

The truth is, this applies to an array of professional superstars. Regardless of their sport, it’s challenging to comprehend what an elite athlete must go through in the big moments just before, during, and after a critically important game. Once they have retired, and that spotlight is no longer on them, some basketball stars have tried their hand at gambling, whether it is casino gaming like poker or gambling on sports.

The Irreplaceable Michael Jordan

You could count the number of players who have transformed basketball to the extent that MJ has on one hand. As far as a winning mentality is concerned, Michael Jordan has such immense self-belief and never say die attitude that he is an immortal figure for Chicago Bulls fans and NBA fans in general. The legendary shooting guard was known as a thrillseeker and somebody who consistently enjoyed pushing boundaries both on and off the court- so it’d only be natural to start with his penchant for casino sports like gambling or pioneering investments into new sectors, like eSports, which are creating organic and new gambling markets.

With a net worth somewhere in the region of $2 billion, Michael Jordan is the definition of a high-roller whenever he sits down and gambles or has a game of poker. His gambling tales are as etched in folklore as some of his iconic performances on the court. In retirement, Jordan has made several huge investments that have generated an astonishing fortune. In 2018, he invested in a professional video gaming company. He was undoubtedly surprised at the incredible developments the sector has made over the last decade, going from a promising sizeable industry to a multi-billion dollar corporation, selling out arenas worldwide.

Investment Or Gambling?

Although some say investments could constitute gambling, Jordan won’t see this venture in the same light as a game of poker or blackjack. However, the eSports gambling markets are currently flourishing; and they have been strengthened by the industry’s incredible success as a whole. With tournaments still selling out arenas, it looks like yet another wise investment if the eSports gambling market’s strength and the prize pool’s size are adequate measuring posts. Thunderpick eSports gambling markets are some of the most comprehensive and varied in the entire sector, where you can bet on multiple tournaments and various games. This eSports betting market indicates how much potential the sector has as a whole.

Analysts who measure the strength of gambling markets have been fascinated by the rise of eSports and the gambling markets that have had such success. With billionaire investors like Michael Jordan moving into the industry and somebody in the unique position of understanding gambling markets and eSports, he is probably the clearest example of an athlete who bridges the gap between basketball and gambling.

Other Players Who Excelled At Gambling

Scottie Pippen, one of Jordan’s teammates during the legendary Chicago Bulls era of the mid-1990s, was one of many players who also partook in some gambling. Scottie wasn’t quite the high-roller Jordan was, but he was partial to a game or two, especially when the Bulls were traveling on the road, and Jordan insisted on a game or ten.

Kenny Anderson was another All-Star player from the mid-1990s who many believe underachieved in his career. At his peak, Anderson was a phenomenal talent, not quite reaching the heights many people expected him to earlier in his career. Off the court, Anderson enjoyed gambling, which acted as a pastime while dealing with the stresses and headaches of being a professional basketball player.

In his retirement, he seems to have found solace in coaching. Kenny didn’t just excel in gambling and playing in the demanding conditions of the NBA; he was a player who spoke highly of his teammates and is known for his fantastic personality, which explains why he is a big hit with fans off the court.


Although MJ is a clear example of a player who has dazzled on the court and has many epic gambling stories to go alongside it, other players were partial to gambling, too, whether it was sports gaming or casino gaming. Back in the 1990s, though, it was a lot more difficult for players in the NBA to gamble, but in today’s era, especially since 2018, many more American states have allowed people to gamble online.

In addition, the NBA has recently announced that players will be able to sign individual gambling endorsement deals, which could light the match for plenty more players who might have been concerned about the stigma involved with gambling, the confidence to have the backing of some of their favorite sports betting companies and casinos they use. This number might grow considerably over the next decade or two.

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