Is the European 5 in the NBA better than the USA 5?

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John Rammas

15/Dec/22 16:06

Could a team of Europe’s top five players in the NBA be able to beat a team that is compiled of the best five American players? Indeed, that might not be a question that many have ever really asked, but it could be one that fantasy sports enthusiasts have perhaps asked themselves at one point or another.

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With fantasy sports a popular betting activity for gamblers alongside the games that can be found in the collection of titles available in the live casino at Ignition, it would not be a surprise if bettors and avid players were asking themselves this question at one moment in time.

However, how would a European team look? Which five American players would be picked to represent this portion of the NBA? Clearly, two questions that could potentially be difficult to answer.

Europe vs America: Two of the finest NBA teams possible to create

Creating a European team might actually be a little easier than creating the American side, as there are simply fewer players competing in the NBA. This is not to say that they are not good enough, though, with it clear that many have an abundance of quality. However, there are a number that are participating in the EuroLeague, rather than in what is considered to be the premier basketball competition in the world.

Nonetheless, when looking at the Europeans that are available to choose from, it becomes rather clear that there are five names that are impossible not to pick based on what they have managed to achieve in the sport recently. These players are Luka Doncic, Bojan Bogdanovic, Giannis Antetokounmpo, Nikola Jokic, and Rudy Gobert; a true five-man team anyone playing fantasy sports would love to have!

However, if you thought that was a good team of five men, then just take a look at the possible American side that could be created. With Stephen Curry, Kawhi Leonard, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Anthony Davis forming an incredible team, it would be hard not to get too excited about what a team like this could potentially achieve and bring on the court.

Who wins: Team Europe or Team USA?

Indeed, the million-dollar question when creating these two teams is perhaps trying to determine which team wins. Both are clearly stacked with quality in each position on the court, thus making it very difficult to even try and predict what would happen if this matchup were to take place.

But, when it comes down to it, the American team would likely be considered as the slight favorites, largely because of the fact that they have won Olympic gold medals in each of the past three editions of the tournament. Therefore, if you were going to put money on a result for this matchup, then perhaps backing Team USA should be thought of as the best option.

However, it is an argument that many could perhaps counter because each of the Europeans listed would not find themselves competing with each other as the Americans would. It is not like we have a Ryder Cup-style tournament as they have in golf, or the Mosconi Cup that we have seen take place between a team of Europeans and Americans in the world of pool! Perhaps this is something that we need to see in the future!

Would there be interest in a Europe vs America basketball competition?

Ultimately, it is a question that many basketball fans would love to have answered, and depending on what they say, it could even potentially lead to there being an interest in holding some sort of exhibition tournament between Europe and America in the future. But, for now at least, we will all just have to be satisfied with the great games that take place in the NBA and EuroLeague each week.

Final Thoughts

Thus, when it comes to fantasy sports and creating teams, it is clear that both a European side and an American one could be made that would have some serious quality on them. But who would win if they were to face each other? Perhaps we will never know the answer to this question!

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