Bogdanovic paces Kings to victory vs. Wizards with 21 points

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Antigoni Zachari

04/Mar/20 08:38

Tuesday night was full of Euro-action in the NBA, with Bogdan Bogdanovic’s performance standing out.

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Bogdan Bogdanovic stepped up for Sacramento Kings, leading his team to a 133-126 victory against Washington Wizards. The Serbian shooting guard finished the game with 21 points, 4 assists in 30 minutes. Nemanja Bjelica complemented his efforts with 6 points, 7 rebounds and 4 assists.

On the opposing end, Davis Bertans tapped an 18-point performance for the Wizards.

Nikola Jokic once again flirted with triple-double numbers with 16 points, 13 rebounds and 7 assists, though his performance wasn’t enough to save the day for Denver Nuggets, that fell to Golden State Warriors 116-100.

Ricky Rubio posted a double-double of 16 points and 10 assists, Dario Saric followed his lead with 16 points, though the Phoenix Suns suffered a 123-114 defeat by the Toronto Raptors.

Juancho Hernangomez did his part in Minnesota Timberwolves‘ 139-134 win over New Orleans Pelicans with 16 points and 8 rebounds.

Ivica Zubac helped LA Clippers‘ effort in his 19-minute presence on the court with 9 points, 5 rebounds and 2 assists as the LA side prevailed over Oklahoma City Thunder 109-94. Dennis Schroder led the opposing side with 24 points, as Danilo Gallinari tapped 15 points.

Furkan Korkmaz had 11 points, 2 rebounds and 2 assists coming from the bench, as Philadelphia 76ers fell to Los Angeles Lakers 107-120.

Willy Hernangomez posted 8 points and 6 boards coming from the bench in Charlotte Hornets‘ narrow 104-103 loss to San Antonio Spurs.

Rodions Kurucs tapped 5 points, 7 rebounds in his 22-minute presence on the court as the Brooklyn Nets defeated Boston Celtics 129-120 in overtime. On the opposing end, Daniel Theis had 16 points and 2 rebounds for Boston, while Enes Kanter adding 5 points and 7 rebounds.

NBA standings:


1Milwaukee BucksClinched Playoff Berth Wins52 Losses9 Win Percentage.852 Games Behind Conference Record33 and5 Division Record12 and1 Home Record27 and3 Away Record25 and6 Last Ten Recordand2 Win Streak 1Losses
2Toronto Raptors Wins43 Losses18 Win Percentage.705 Games Behind9.0 Conference Record30 and10 Division Recordand4 Home Record23 and9 Away Record20 and9 Last Ten Recordand4 Win Streak 1Wins
3Boston Celtics Wins41 Losses19 Win Percentage.683 Games Behind10.5 Conference Record25 and10 Division Recordand6 Home Record23 and7 Away Record18 and12 Last Ten Recordand4 Win Streak 2Losses
4Miami Heat Wins39 Losses22 Win Percentage.639 Games Behind13.0 Conference Record26 and9 Division Recordand3 Home Record26 and4 Away Record13 and18 Last Ten Recordand5 Win Streak 3Wins
5Indiana Pacers Wins37 Losses24 Win Percentage.607 Games Behind15.0 Conference Record23 and16 Division Recordand6 Home Record21 and10 Away Record16 and14 Last Ten Recordand4 Win Streak 4Wins
6Philadelphia 76ers Wins37 Losses25 Win Percentage.597 Games Behind15.5 Conference Record25 and16 Division Record11 and4 Home Record28 and2 Away Recordand23 Last Ten Recordand4 Win Streak 2Losses
7Brooklyn Nets Wins27 Losses33 Win Percentage.450 Games Behind24.5 Conference Record19 and21 Division Recordand9 Home Record16 and13 Away Record11 and20 Last Ten Recordand6 Win Streak 1Wins
8Orlando Magic Wins27 Losses34 Win Percentage.443 Games Behind25.0 Conference Record19 and17 Division Recordand4 Home Record16 and15 Away Record11 and19 Last Ten Recordand5 Win Streak 2Losses
9Washington Wizards Wins22 Losses38 Win Percentage.367 Games Behind29.5 Conference Record15 and22 Division Recordand8 Home Record14 and15 Away Recordand23 Last Ten Recordand6 Win Streak 1Losses
10Charlotte Hornets Wins21 Losses40 Win Percentage.344 Games Behind31.0 Conference Record15 and23 Division Recordand6 Home Recordand20 Away Record12 and20 Last Ten Recordand5 Win Streak 2Losses
11Chicago Bulls Wins21 Losses40 Win Percentage.344 Games Behind31.0 Conference Record14 and26 Division Recordand8 Home Record13 and19 Away Recordand21 Last Ten Recordand8 Win Streak 1Wins
12Detroit Pistons Wins20 Losses42 Win Percentage.323 Games Behind32.5 Conference Record12 and29 Division Recordand10 Home Record11 and20 Away Recordand22 Last Ten Recordand8 Win Streak 1Losses
13New York Knicks Wins19 Losses42 Win Percentage.311 Games Behind33.0 Conference Record13 and27 Division Recordand11 Home Record10 and20 Away Recordand22 Last Ten Recordand6 Win Streak 2Wins
14Atlanta Hawks Wins19 Losses44 Win Percentage.302 Games Behind34.0 Conference Record10 and30 Division Recordand6 Home Record13 and19 Away Recordand25 Last Ten Recordand5 Win Streak 1Losses
15Cleveland Cavaliers Wins17 Losses44 Win Percentage.279 Games Behind35.0 Conference Record12 and30 Division Recordand9 Home Recordand24 Away Recordand20 Last Ten Recordand6 Win Streak 3Losses


1Los Angeles Lakers Wins47 Losses13 Win Percentage.783 Games Behind Conference Record32 and7 Division Recordand2 Home Record22 and7 Away Record25 and6 Last Ten Recordand1 Win Streak 2Wins
2LA Clippers Wins42 Losses19 Win Percentage.689 Games Behind5.5 Conference Record25 and13 Division Recordand3 Home Record25 and6 Away Record17 and13 Last Ten Recordand4 Win Streak 5Wins
3Denver Nuggets Wins41 Losses20 Win Percentage.672 Games Behind6.5 Conference Record26 and12 Division Record10 and1 Home Record24 and8 Away Record17 and12 Last Ten Recordand4 Win Streak 1Losses
4Houston Rockets Wins39 Losses21 Win Percentage.650 Games Behind8.0 Conference Record24 and16 Division Recordand4 Home Record21 and8 Away Record18 and13 Last Ten Recordand3 Win Streak 1Losses
5Utah Jazz Wins38 Losses22 Win Percentage.633 Games Behind9.0 Conference Record21 and16 Division Recordand5 Home Record21 and9 Away Record17 and13 Last Ten Recordand4 Win Streak 2Wins
6Oklahoma City Thunder Wins37 Losses24 Win Percentage.607 Games Behind10.5 Conference Record25 and15 Division Recordand4 Home Record20 and13 Away Record17 and11 Last Ten Recordand4 Win Streak 2Losses
7Dallas Mavericks Wins37 Losses25 Win Percentage.597 Games Behind11.0 Conference Record22 and14 Division Recordand2 Home Record16 and14 Away Record21 and11 Last Ten Recordand4 Win Streak 1Losses
8Memphis Grizzlies Wins30 Losses31 Win Percentage.492 Games Behind17.5 Conference Record19 and21 Division Recordand6 Home Record17 and14 Away Record13 and17 Last Ten Recordand6 Win Streak 2Wins
9Sacramento Kings Wins27 Losses34 Win Percentage.443 Games Behind20.5 Conference Record19 and20 Division Recordand5 Home Record14 and15 Away Record13 and19 Last Ten Recordand3 Win Streak 3Wins
10Portland Trail Blazers Wins27 Losses35 Win Percentage.435 Games Behind21.0 Conference Record15 and24 Division Recordand8 Home Record16 and13 Away Record11 and22 Last Ten Recordand7 Win Streak 1Wins
11San Antonio Spurs Wins26 Losses34 Win Percentage.433 Games Behind21.0 Conference Record14 and21 Division Recordand6 Home Record15 and14 Away Record11 and20 Last Ten Recordand6 Win Streak 1Wins
12 New Orleans Pelicans Wins26 Losses35 Win Percentage.426 Games Behind21.5 Conference Record16 and24 Division Recordand7 Home Record12 and19 Away Record14 and16 Last Ten Recordand4 Win Streak 2Losses
13 Phoenix Suns Wins24 Losses38 Win Percentage.387 Games Behind24.0 Conference Record14 and26 Division Recordand9 Home Record11 and22 Away Record13 and16 Last Ten Recordand7 Win Streak 4Losses
14 Minnesota Timberwolves Wins18 Losses42 Win Percentage.300 Games Behind29.0 Conference Recordand28 Division Recordand10 Home Recordand22 Away Record11 and20 Last Ten Recordand7 Win Streak 1Wins
15 Golden State Warriors Wins14 Losses48 Win Percentage.226 Games Behind34.0 Conference Recordand33 Division Recordand10 Home Recordand24 Away Recordand24 Last Ten Recordand8 Win Streak 1Wins