It’s harder to defend the championship title

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Aris Barkas

05/Jul/17 14:50

At Syros and during the LG Aegean Ball Festival, Kostas Sloukas added a new entry to his Eurohoops blog, for the first time as a EuroLeague champion with Fenerbahce Dogus.

The Greek guard extended his contract with the champs and he doesn’t expect things to be easier from now on. Staying on the top is hard, but staying there it’s even harder.

Hello everyone!

While we are having a great time in Syros, I can’t but think also about the next season. We are the champs, but it’s even harder to defend the championship title. Everyone one now would want to beat us and we have a target on our back. That’s why it’s important to grow as a team. We have to play better and better. We suffered a lot this season. However, after winning the biggest possible goal, the EuroLeague title, we have to defend it the best possible way.

After leaving Olympiacos, Fenerbahce became my family. I feel like that. Everyone in the club, from the president and the coach until the last guy, they trust me and I trust them a lot. We have a great cooperation, I am very satisfied and I am very proud for getting a new three year contract. Everyone is honest and professional and I am really very happy. Also I am happy for the club after the deal with Dogus Group. It’s one of the biggest companies in the world, they are Fenerbahce supporters and that makes us even bigger.

Bogdan deserves to be in the NBA

Everyone asks about Bogdan. Maybe those are the last days that we are teammates. For two years we had a great cooperation. He is a good friend and a great guy. He is a really hard worker, And I hope that everything will turn out to be good for him. It’s 99% sure that he will go to the NBA and he really deserves to be there.

He deserves it 100%. He is a very good player and I hope that he will have an amazing career.

We had a great time also here in Syros. Everything was excellent. Giorgos Printezis, my ex-teammate, is a great host, a close friend of mine and we are here to help him. Also Nikos Varlas from Eurohoops is a great guy and runs everything to perfection and I am just trying to help them.

Until next time take care,


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