David Blatt: People don’t have patience to let things develop, that’s an unfortunate reality

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Antigoni Zachari

01/Oct/19 15:55


David Blatt opens up about the new season for Olympiacos, the changes in the roster and how they can have an impact on the team.

By Nikos Varlas / varlas@eurohoops.net

Eurohoops attended Olympiacos‘ EuroLeague media day this past week and spoke with David Blatt about the new season that’s about to begin, a peculiar one for the team that won’t compete in the domestic Basket League.

“It is a unique situation and to pretend to know exactly how it’s going to develop and work out it’s going to be unrealistic for me cause I haven’t been through it. But these are the circumstances that we live in and it’s our job to find ways to make it work to our advantage. We have to be very good at using the extra time that we have to help us in the challenge of playing the games without the same rhythm, as of when we played one extra game a week,” he tells Eurohoops TV.

Blatt also talks about Olympiacos‘ changes in the off-season market and the impact they can have on the team, keeping financial restrictions in mind.

“Not every player you take is from day one Vassilis Spanoulis. Some things take time to develop. The fact that many people don’t have patience to let things develop, that’s an unfortunate reality we live in today’s world of emediacy.  I like to thing that we’ve taken decisions in adressing certain areas”, he adds.

“When you’re building a team you face several issues. Number one it’s finding the right type of player, the right type of personality, attitude. Perhaps you’re faced with financial limitations. To pick the best point guard is easy. The question is do you have the means to do so? I’m not a car guy. But if I were a car guy maybe I would want to take this kind of car and then it turns out that it’s a Lamborghini. You can’t buy that. So you gotta buy something else that’s more suitable to what you can afford. That next car may be a good one and take you from point A to point B, but it’s different. And that the reality.”

Check out the video interview below: