“I don’t believe in omens”

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Aris Barkas

10/Mar/15 15:06


Vasilis Spanoulis’ wife is expecting a baby girl, Spanoulis wins the Euroleague every time a new baby is added to his family, but as he said in Eurohoops he don’t believe in omens

By Nikos Varlas/ varlas@eurohoops.net

Each year in which a new member in Vasilis Spanoulis’ family is added, he wins a Euroleague title. As he said a long time ago: “At some point coach Dusan Ivkovic had told me that I should have many kids. At least four”.

What Duda says stands true and his wife, Olympia, is expecting a new baby again. The first born was Thanasis in 2009, then Vasilis junior in 2012 and Dimitris in 2013. During those years Spanoulis has won the Euroleague and also the MVP title of the Final Four. And for the first time the new born will be a girl.

Since it’s a personal matter, Eurohops contacted Olympiacos‘ captain in order to cross check if he wanted to go public with the news. And there’s the confirmation by him.

As he said:

“We expect a child and we are very happy for that. We feel blessed, but I don’t believe in omens. That’s why we didn’t want to inform the public earlier about the news. I wanted for this to be a secret and only my closest people knew about it.

I can understand why anybody can make a connection with the titles, but I don’t believe this. I just want a healthy baby girl and pray for this, like it did happen with our three boys. Any extra thought about this will be egoistical and I wouldn’t like it. We expect her to be born and bring even more happiness to our home and family”.