De Conti on Banchi’s late-game timeout: I felt ashamed on his behalf

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Stefan Djordjevic

18/Feb/19 22:05

AEK coach Luca Banchi’s gesture to honor Dragan Sakota didn’t come across to Flamengo coach Gustavo De Conti as a very nice one.

By Eurohoops team/

AEK has added a FIBA Intercontinental Cup trophy to the list of their historic successes after overcoming Flamengo in the Final.

The importance of the moment to AEK squad was further highlighted when Luca Banchi called a timeout near the end of the game – despite his team being the clear winner – in order for the AEK General Manager and former coach Dragan Sakota to join the bench and celebrate with them.

Coach Banchi apologized at the press conference after the game explaining that Sakota is a very important part of the team and wanted to honor him without insulting anybody. However, Flamengo coach Gustavo De Conti didn’t understand that gesture the same way and saw it as disrespectful:

“I can’t understand how a coach calls a timeout to call the general manager to the bench and celebrate the title together. It may be that someone feels that his position on the bench is insecure and is on the edge of the cliff so tries to flatter his boss. Whatever it is, it is a huge disrespect for Flamengo. I felt ashamed on his behalf .”