Muratore: This Intercontinental Cup is a demonstration of FIBA’s commitment

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Giannis Askounis

17/Feb/19 10:23

FIBA’s President, Horacio Muratore, spoke on the importance and the future of the Intercontinental Cup.

By Eurohoops team/

The Intercontinental Cup reverberates in Rio de Janeiro. The players fight for every chance at the ball at Arena Carioca 1, the same stadium that welcomed all world basketball superstars at the 2016 Olympic games. There, right in the middle of the court, the presence of FIBA President Horacio Muratore stands out. The Argentine pridefully beams due to the accomplishment of this Intercontinental Cup: “We’re very happy to have staged this Cup. It had an excellent organization and technical level, thanks to the participating teams here in Brazil.”

The participation of the club with the most followers in Brazil, Flamengo; the Liga de las Américas champions, San Lorenzo; the winners of the Basketball Champions League, AEK; and the most recent monarchs of the USA’s G-League, Austin Spurs, gave this edition of the FIBA Intercontinental Cup a superlative prestige.

“For FIBA, this is a demonstration of our commitment and it showcases our objective of continuing to develop basketball around the world. This time we worked together with four great leagues: the NBA, the Brazilian National League, the Argentine National League, and Europe’s Basketball Champions League; as well as with four glorious national federations such as Argentina, Brazil, Greece and USA Basketball.”

FIBA’s intention and desire is to be able to increase the number of teams in this tournament by incorporating representatives of the continents that were not present this time around.

“This Cup is part of a project with which FIBA seeks to promote and raise the level of world club competitions. We hope that, for the next edition, we can welcome the champions of the Asia and Africa leagues,” explained Muratore. “This renaissance of the Intercontinental Cup here in Rio is the first step on a path that leads to a tournament that is more and more inclusive and, at the same time, competitive”.

This Sunday, the FIBA Intercontinental Cup 2019 in Rio de Janeiro will conclude with two very appealing games. As for the third place, the day will start with San Lorenzo against the Austin Spurs. Meanwhile, the grand finale will face Flamengo — who will try to repeat the title they achieved in 2014 —and AEK. The stage is ideal, and the conditions are perfect to enjoy a performance of the highest level.

Photo Credit/Source: FIBA