BAT announces decision on Toupane vs Olympiacos, sides reached agreement

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Stefan Djordjevic

05/May/20 19:18

BAT announced the decision which was taken in February in the case between Axel Toupane and Olympiacos while the two sides reached an agreement since

By Eurohoops team/

BAT announced today (May 5), with a delay, the decision that was taken in February regarding the case between Axel Toupane and his representatives against Olympiacos for outstanding salaries, agent fees and interest. The decision was made in favor of the player’s side.

However, as both sides confirmed to Eurohoops, there has been an agreement and repayment of the debts to Tupan’s side, as well as his representatives, which followed the BAT decision that was made public now.

Specifically, Olympiacos has reached an agreement with the player for all installments, except for one installment that has a planned future repayment date and the two sides no longer have any claim from each other, so the issue is considered essentially over.

Per BAT:

The French Player Axel Toupane and his Agency Athlete Management Group filed a claim against the Greek Club Olympiacos S.F.P. B.S.A. for outstanding salaries, agent fees and interest. The Claimants submitted that the Respondent breached the contractual relationship by failing to pay two salary instalments and two agent fee instalments, which allowed the Claimants to terminate the Contract. In its Answer, the Respondent argued that BAT did not have jurisdiction over the claim as this matter had been filed before the Hellenic Basketball Association Committee (HEBA Committee), that the Claimants acted abusively by refusing to allow the payment of outstanding salaries into the Player’s Greek account and that the claim was disproportionate as the Respondent intended to terminate the Contract after the first season due to the Player’s poor performance. The claim was upheld.