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Alain Beral: “It was an anomaly not to have the Spanish league with us”

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Stefan Djordjevic

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The French League President Alain Beral had high praise for the Basketball Champions League and welcomed the Spanish League to the shareholders’ table.

By Eurohoops team/ info@eurohoops.net

The Spanish domestic league (ACB) became the latest shareholder of the Basketball Champions League on December 11, 2018, joining ten others including the French League (LNB).

In an interview with the Basketball Champions League, the French League President Alain Beral welcomed the ACB to the competition noting they were well expected: “It’s a decision that makes me very happy. It was an anomaly not to have the Spanish league with us. It’s a very important league in Europe. The Spanish league hesitated in 2015-16, in the first discussions, but they were in any case present at the table. The league was unable to enter three years ago because of an internal issue that prevented their entry as a shareholder. But it was an anomaly and it is very good that it is no longer the case.”

He also explained further why this cooperation had a bit of delay and didn’t happen from the very start: “The ACB experienced some issues internally, at the beginning of the BCL, which explains this delay. But the BCL has established its credibility by the first years of competition which have been, for a brand new competition, very well managed, with great results, beautiful images and a perfect organization. I believe that the ACB saw that they could not not participate in this competition which is today a prestigious competition and is conducted in a masterly manner. Both parties find some benefit there. The ACB, because it is now part of a very appealing European competition that is precisely the definition of a real league of champions, with many national champions participating. And the BCL needed ACB too, which is one of the biggest leagues in Europe. It is out of the question to think that they would stay out.”

Beral also used the opportunity to praise the competition itself as he believes it met the expectations so far and will continue to grow: “Just look at games’ results. Most games end with very small point differences, which proves the cohesion of the system. And when we look at the names of some prestigious teams that participate in the BCL today, it is highly commendable. Many clubs and players commit themselves to this competition, which they consider to be a very favorable context for their image. That’s what they are looking for. And the organization of the competition is solid and rewarding. The level of play I see is worthy of a champions league.”

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