I was angry after losing to Darussafaka!

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After the first final of the season, Kostas Sloukas writes on his Eurohoops blog why he had such a performance. He also gives credit to Dixon, Datome and the two “beasts” of Fenerbahce

Kostas Sloukas won one more trophy in Turkey with Fenerbahce, he was more than positive in one more big game and hours after this success, he writes on his Eurohoops blog about the first title of the Turkish champs.

I feel very comfortable

I am very happy that the season began with a trophy! It’s the best for our moral and gives us an extra motivation. The most important thing is that we produced high level of basketball and we had resilience in our performance. We worked too hard during last week, coach Obradovic prepared us for the smallest possible detail and it is no coincidence that we plaed so well in the final and created a difference early on. We have chemistry, he kept together the core of the team and the management supports us the best possible way. We even have our own charter plane for the upcoming season and I feel much more comfortable compared to my first season!

Plus, I see familiar faces, I have friends. Everything is familiar and I feel much better and much more comfortable! This will help me to play a lot better than last year. I just hope to stay healthy, it is the only one that I want!

I admire Bobby Dixon!

I want to say a big bravo to Bobby. The guy is incredible! The energy he brings, the way he play defense, what a fearless shooter he is! It helps us too, it is more than important for the team and he is an amazing person. I am glad he got the MVP award in President’s Cup and I love to play with him. The point is that coach Obradovic sees the same, he uses us together and I believe we can do great things while being on the court as a duo.

Performer Luigi!

Another of my teammates who deserves a lot of credit, is Gigi Datome! Apart from being a great guy to hung out with outside the gym, you feel security when you see him on the court. Because you know that if he gets the ball in his hands the right way, he will make the shot! He is a great shooter, has great quality as a player and I am sure that he too in his second season in the team he will have great influence on our game and will offer us many things.

With these two, nothing can pass!

There are also two towers, two “beasts” that we have in the paint and they are protecting us. How can I put it any different? It is an unbelievable luxury and help to have Vesely and Udoh together on the court, playing defense and waiting for opponents in the paint! You feel more than certain that nothing can pass through them! They give us a lot of confidence and it’s a front line duo that you rarely meet in a European team.

I was very angry after the game against Darussafaka

The main reason I played well in the final against Efes, I think that is was our defeat by Darussafaka a few days ago in a prep game. It really hurt me. I was very angry at myself! I was really bad at that game, my team was defeated and that bothered me a lot.

Sloukas OFF BLOG Picture

I wanted in the game against Efes to do what I need to, to show what I can offer to my team, to help achieve the first goal of the season and to feel better about myself. Now I feel better, but this will only last a few hours…. the Euroleague starts, the league games too and a thrilling season in which we want to achieve more things than last year.

I will often be in touch with you via my blog. After all I read all the messages and I thank you very much for your love and support. You can also follow me in my instagram account.

Wish to all the best, Kostas

Fighting spirit was the key… Big win tonight!

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