It’s a bitter feeling, but there was no other way

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Nikos Varlas

01/Jul/16 15:53

Kostas Sloukas returns to his blog on Eurohoops! He writes about his emotions with regard to not being able to help the national team, everything he’s been through and about next season with Fener

Kostas Sloukas returns to his personal blog on Eurohoops soon after the joint decision by the national team and Fotis Katsikaris for him not to compete in the pre-Olympic tournament.

The international guard talks about the difficult situation of him not being able to contribute in a season where he would have had a very upgraded role, he seems like he believes that the Greek national team can go the extra mile and he wishes he’s more fortunate next season in terms of health in order to enjoy basketball more and give even more to his team, Fenerbahce.

Unfortunately, there was no other way

Since the winter I’ve been in constant communication with Fotis Katisikaris, I tried as hard as I could to exhaust every possibility of playing in the national team, but it turned out that there was no other way. I went back to Greece after the finals and since then I’ve been doing double therapy sessions every day. We had discussed with the team that we might fight it so that I could play in the tournament in Turin, even with few practices.

The pain in my foot has not subsided as much as we were expecting, I haven’t managed to train and the results of my MRI scan were not encouraging. We spoke with the coach and he decided as well that in these circumstances, it’s not good for the team or me to be in the national team this summer.

I’ve been playing in the national teams since I was 14 years old, from the Under-18, Under-19, Under-20 and men’s teams. It’s a bitter feeling for me, especially in the year of the Olympics and a team in which, as it seemed, I would have had a very important role. But in life you can’t have everything. I didn’t do the national team a favor, nor did the team do me one. We both wanted it a lot, but there just wasn’t any other way.

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I won’t surprised if we advance

I have a lot of faith in the team. Okay, there is a numeric deficit in the backcourt, but in the 3, 4, and 5 positions we’re full, and also, the national team has athleticism, speed and energy. Everything will be decided in the knockout games, anything can happen there. You need luck and to find yourself on a good night.

There is motivation, hunger and talent. It will certainly be difficult, the Italians are playing at home, but I believe in our team and for me, if the qualification comes, it’s not going to fall from the sky. The technical team is working hard to cover the weaknesses we have and take advantage of our strengths. We should all give out positive energy to the national team and as for me, on my part, I will necessarily wait for the next chance.

I want to offer more to Fenerbahce

My first season in Fenerbahce involved a lot of… pain, but I think it was successful! We played in the finals of every tournament, we won the championship and the cup in Turkey and lost the Euroleague title in the details. In one rebound, one steal…

We got really close to the perfect season! But that’s basketball. My goal is for my second season with the team to have a similar level of success or even greater. I had a rough time. After the first part of the season, I was never healthy. Especially the foot injury tormented me tremendously. I couldn’t sleep at night from the pain and often from the stress.

I had such a big desire to play basketball and contribute and I couldn’t do it, my foot wouldn’t let me. I’m sad that I’m not going to play in the Greek national team, but it’s all for the best.

I’m going to go on vacation for a few days and then I will devote myself to the full recovery of my injury and to training. It’s very important that when I join Fenerbahce’s preparation I am finally 100% healthy and ready physically as well as in terms of basketball.

The management, the general manager, coach Obradovic and his partners, my teammates, everyone supported me in the most humane way with the difficulties I went through. Their conduct gives me extra motivation! Next season I want to be healthy and offer Fener and our people what I can and what I should.

To vindicate the club even further for the trust in me, and the way they treated me during a season in which I had the most injuries I’ve ever had in my entire career so far.

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I’m shocked with what took place at the airport

I’m shocked with what took place at the airport. It’s unbelievable for such things to happen, changing everyone’s lives so brutally from one moment to the next. I honestly have no words. I wish courage to the families of the victims and it’s such a pity for people to lose their lives so unfairly, without having done the slightest thing wrong. All together, we have to do everything in our power to drive the fear out and safeguard the value of human life, which is priceless.

Take care, all of you. Kostas.