Steph Curry is not… normal!

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Nikos Varlas

28/Jan/16 13:24

Cedi Osman writes on his blog how he wants to “die” on the court for Anadolu Efes, respects Fenerbahce, hates losing and wonders at the… strange Steph Curry!

The most successful and popular young player in Turkish basketball, Cedi Osman, is now part of the Eurohoops family. He launches his official blog through which he will maintain a direct channel of communication with all of his fans and authentically share his experiences, his thoughts and his feelings. We welcome him with joy and we are sure that you are going to enjoy the player of the national team of Turkey and Efes Anadolu!

By Cedi Osman /

Cedi Osman writes on his official blog on Eurohoops, in a period when Efes Anadolu have many and important competitive commitments! He writes about his team, the new opportunity for the national team of Turkey in the pre-Olympic tournament, the powerful Fenerbahce and the Steph Curry phenomenon! Enjoy him!

We’re better than what we’ve shown until now

When we spoke about our goals at the start of the season, we said that we wanted to reach the Final Four. So far, we haven’t been at the desired level, especially regarding the duration of our performance. I believe that we’re a better team than what we’ve shown until now. There’s more pressure because we’ve set the bar high, but that’s something we have to learn to live with and perform to the max. We have excellent material, we work hard and some very important games are ahead. If we improve our defense we are going to change level. In offense we’re the second best team in the Euroleague, we create and execute efficiently and what we need is to improve the defense. We have excellent shooters and very athletic big men.

I think we have talent in defense as well but sometimes that doesn’t come out on the court. We have to improve our attitude in defense as a team, to help each other more, and that’s something we’ve already started doing.

Communication in defense is the most important thing. If we improve that, then everything will be better. Sometimes we lose our concentration, but time is on our side. I promise, on my part, that we’re going to be what we have to be in the crucial games!

Respect to Fenerbahce and faith in Anadolu Efes

At this moment, I think the strongest teams in the Euroleague are CSKA Moscow and Fenerbahce. They’re playing really good basketball, but the season is long and things change all the time. The Turkish championship is very competitive with many dangerous teams. We can see, for example, the roster Darussafaka has. It’s quite possible, though, that we battle it out with Fenerbahce for the title in the TBL. We’ve already defeated them once, so why can’t we do it again? If we are good, we can beat anyone. I have a lot of faith in this year’s Efes and that’s why I think that everything depends on us.

The tough times, the return and the aversion to defeat!

It’s true that the season didn’t start out as I would’ve liked and I went through some tough times. In the game against Kuban I suffered a bad injury. I was in a lot of pain and was very sad that I had to miss training and games. When I returned, I wasn’t at the desired level yet. Now, in the last few games I’ve started to find my rhythm and feel better. My coaches and my teammates have helped me a lot in this and I thank them. Honestly, I don’t care about my statistics. I only care about winning and how that is going to happen. I hate losing. I feel like I want to “die” for the team on the court, until we reach our goals.

The new opportunity for the national team of Turkey!

I’m very excited that we’re going to play in the qualifiers for the Olympic Games. It’s big! We know that it will be very tough and we need to overcome great opponents like France, but the challenge is huge and we are going to give all our best. In the EuroBasket we found ourselves in the most difficult group and we managed to show some good things. Let’s not forget how hard it was for Spain in that group and how they ended up in the end, European champions. We wanted to bring a tournament to Turkey. There, we would have had an advantage. What’s important is that a new opportunity was created for us! contacted Cedi a few hours after the game between the Golden State Warriors and the San Antonio Spurs. Well, it wasn’t possible not to ask his opinion regarding the Steph Curry phenomenon, the player who has… leveled everything in the NBA in the last couple of years!

Steph Curry isn’t… normal!

What can you say about Steph Curry? He makes it look so easy! Honestly, it’s not normal! After everything he’s achieved this year, he scored 37 points in 28 minutes against the Spurs! We’re not talking about just any opponent, are we? He’s the best player in the NBA right now, it’s undeniable.

When you’re young you play with your talent. Then, it’s hard work that plays a role. Curry definitely works very hard. He doesn’t have any special athletic qualities, but he shows us that you can dominate in other ways as well, even in the best league.

When talking between us with my friends, we say that the things he does are impossible! He shoots from half-court and you feel like he’s scoring a two-pointer. These are things that can’t even be done on the PlayStation, but Curry does it in real life!

I want to thank the fans for reading my thoughts in my blog and for the support. I extremely appreciate it and it gives me even more strength and motivation to keep fighting! I will be reading your comments and as often as possible i will be back in my blog with new updates! Stay healthy and happy!


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