Nikola Kalinic: My injury made me realize how much I love basketball

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Stefan Djordjevic

16/May/18 14:06

Eurohoops caught up with Nikola Kalinic and he talked about the Final Four, Serbian fans, Zeljko Obradovic and more in an interview you have to watch.

By Bugra Uzar /

The 2017/18 season started late for Nikola Kalinic because of injury problems (back and ankle) as he debuted in Round 13 but was ready for the playoffs.

The 26-year old is more than ready for the Final Four: “This is my third, and Fener‘s fourth consecutive Final Four, so we have the advantage in experience and preparation for the importance of the game and the environment. However, we also have Final Four debutants, but we will be ready. Zalgiris is a great team led by an amazing coach. They are reminding me of Partizan, an athletic young team. 

He also talked to Eurohoops about Zeljko Obradovic: “He is probably the best coach in Europe’s history. He’s going to make some special calls, but it’s on us to play the best we can. What you consider a detail, in the beginning, you later realize that these are the most usual things we sometimes take for granted. Some things that are taught to you as a kid- demarcation, waiting for the screen, fakes, two leg stop … He is not stubborn and is ready to change something that isn’t working, to adapt, and I think many trainers miss that and it happens they lose the compass, forcing every bit of something they have originally imagined.”, Kalinic spoke of the legendary coach.”

When asked about his injury, he said the following: “At some moments I even thought: ‘What if this continues if I can’t play basketball anymore?’ It was far from it, but in those moments I was close to it and I started preparing for my post-career life. I started to play chess, I tried to play some instruments, but it was not as easy as it looks. I’ve read a lot of books…”

Watch the full interview of Nikola Kalinic talking to Eurohoops:

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