The four EuroLeague teams that disappointed us

16/Apr/18 11:00 April 16, 2018

Antigoni Zachari

16/Apr/18 11:00

In the current form of the EuroLeague there are 16 teams in total and eight tickets to the playoffs. Some make it, some – obviously – don’t. However, it’s not all about the destination, it’s about the journey as well. For certain teams, it was a journey full of turbulence and a hard landing…

By Dimitris Minaretzis /

Like we said above, not everyone can go to the playoffs. Or, to put it somewhat differently, some places are considered “reserved” by teams like CSKA and Fenerbahce.
When a season gets under way, though, you make some bets about who will make the playoffs and you think that you will see certain teams in the postseason based on their rosters, history and dynamics. Barcelona, Maccabi, Armani Milan and Efes were four of those 16, and they all failed and disappointed…