Silver on the FIBA vs EuroLeague debate: “The two world wars started in Europe”

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Aris Barkas

11/Jan/18 21:29

In his press conference before the NBA London Game, Adam Silver talked about the FIBA versus EuroLeague dispute.

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The NBA commissioner explained that both sides have to find a way to co-exist: “From a larger basketball standpoint, we recognize for the sport to continue to grow in Europe, you need more than a strong NBA, you need strong country leagues, strong pan-regional operations similar to the EuroLeague and you need strong national teams. All those things are important and we also feel that we are outsiders to that dispute. The politics are beyond complicated from our standpoint. One of the members actively involved in that dispute said to me today, the two world wars started in Europe”.

Speaking about the concerns of the NBA, Silver explained: “I do have concerns about this fractious relationship. We are in touch with both camps, so to speak, in terms of the EuroLeague and we are a member of FIBA. It’s not something that we would like to see. We recognize that there’s an awkwardness because the NBA seems to live under a different set of rules and it seems to be the reality of our league and the situation with our players frankly not leaving for mid-season breaks. All I can say is it’s our hope they can work those issues out”.

And that’s why to bottom line according to NBA is simple: “I only say let’s find a way to bring peace in the land and find a way to resolve this dispute. It’s important for the youth and the markets to see strong national teams and strong clubs. If there’s a bigger role we have to play, we will happy to do it. We need this dispute to be worked out and we also believe in national teams competitions”