Milutinov on testing positive for COVID: I was pretty scared, I felt bad mentally

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Stefan Djordjevic

08/Oct/20 11:23

Nikola MIlutinov talked about his experience with testing coronavirus positive as well as if there’s a chance for EuroLeague to create a bubble

By Stefan Djordjevic /

Nikola Milutinov has been among the first players to test coronavirus positive at the start of the 2020-21 season and the 25-year-old Serbian big didn’t take it well at all.

“I did not have symptoms, and once I got the positive results, I was pretty scared. I felt bad mentally, but even though I’m lonely, I’m not lonely. The medical staff of the club accompanies me all the time. I’ve been stuck here at home for a week, and I’m already dying to get out,” Milotinov told Walla Sports.

All the more so since he is one of the newcomers to the squad and CSKA‘s early schedule is quite challenging: “I’m on a new team, and the situation that has arisen frustrates me. We have some tough games at the start of the season, and I can not help. I believe that in a few days I will be able to get back to activity and do some home training. The positive point in the whole story is that after I recover and return to play, I will probably have a higher chance of staying healthy and not fearing illness at the crucial stages of the season. I promised friends that I would compensate them for my absence.”

When asked about a potential EuroLeague bubble, Milutinov wasn’t too optimistic about it: “I do not think a bubble is an easy thing to do, it will require huge expenses from the teams and the Euroleague. I’m also not sure it’s feasible in the long run. It seems impossible to avoid the spread of infections. What is important is that people do not deteriorate into severe disease states, and to not reach a situation of widespread outbreaks in teams that would lead to the cancellation of games.”

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