Abrines: It’s easier for Barcelona to win the EuroLeague than the ACB

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Antigoni Zachari

24/May/20 20:15


Alex Abrines talked about how Barcelona could win the EuroLeague easier than the ACB championship against rivals Real Madrid.

By Eurohoops team / info@eurohoops.net

Alex Abrines was hosted by YouTuber Valentí Sanjuan, and talked about what should happen if the season is ultimately canceled both in EuroLeague and ACB, while he mentioned that it would be easier for Barcelona to win the EuroLeague than the Spanish championship.

I am in favor of giving the title to Barcelona”, Abrines said when asked if there should be a champion in case the ACB season is canceled before the season finale tournament can take place. “It is not because we are the first ones [in the standings]. Obviously, if it were Madrid, Madrid would be fair [to be named champion]. We have played six months of competition, it would throw all our work this season in the trash if they don’t give a title”, Abrines explained.

On the same note, he believes it would also be fair if Efes is named EuroLeague champion in the same scenario. “I have no problem, if the Euroleague is canceled, to give it to EfesIn the end, they are the ones who have proven to be the best for most of the season.”

If the two competitions were resumed in their usual formats, Abrines believes that it would be easier for Barca to win the Euroleague:

“ I sincerely believe that it is easier to win the Euroleague. In the case of playing the ACB, the most normal thing is for the finals to be Madrid-Barcelona, and beating Madrid in five games is very difficult. On the other hand, playing a Final Four and winning a match against Madrid and another against Efes is not so difficult for me”, he added.