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Eurohoops Dome: Next-level training with the new PlaySight technology

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Konstantinos Dimitriou

25/Sep/18 10:27


Watch the video of the installation of the new technological equipment and the PlaySight platform in the Eurohoops Dome, which is being upgraded to become the first SmartCourt in Greece!

The Eurohoops Dome is now officially a SmartCourt! The new, innovative technology of the PlaySight platform has been successfully installed in our courts in Kifissia (Evrota 24) in the first 10 days of September, and the first samples of the possibilities it offers are impressive!

The PlaySight is a platform that, through video technology and performance analysis, helps athletes train more effectively and develop their perception of their game.

The eight “smart” cameras that have been installed in the three courts of the Eurohoops Dome offer direct image and video from the court, with enhanced capabilities through the PlaySight platform. Coaches can show athletes what they did wrong in a drill directly through two special shatterproof screens that have been installed in the courts and which are connected to a tablet. Slow motion video analysis, replay from different angles, and on-screen notes are just a few of the possibilities offered.

As the head coach of the Eurohoops Academy, Konstantinos Stamatis, says: “This new technology will elevate the level of training as athletes will be able to see what they did wrong and not just be told, which is much more efficient in terms of their improvement and their understanding of the game.”

The PlaySight technology is available not only for the children of the Eurohoops Academy, but anyone who sets foot on the courts of the Eurohoops Dome. If you too would like to have the unique basketball experience offered by the Eurohoops Dome, you can just visit the facilities for a friendly game with your friends or even take part in the exciting Eurohoops League championship starting in October!