Lauri Markkanen in Finland list for upcoming EuroBasket qualifiers

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Giannis Askounis

26/Oct/20 17:16

Finland gearing up for the next batch of EuroBasket qualifiers hopes to feature Lauri Markkanen in upcoming games

By Johnny Askounis/

Finland announced Monday the preliminary list for the EuroBasket qualifiers games planned to be held in late November. Chicago Bulls international star Lauri Markkanen is included in the 25-player list, 32-year-old free agent Petteri Koponen as well.

The rest named are Aapeli Alanen, Max Besselink, Daniel Dolenc, Shawn Hopkins, Shawn Huff, Mikael Jantunen, Antti Kanervo, Henri Kantonen, Mikko Koivisto,Tuuka Kotti, Carl Lindbom, Alexander Madsen, Edon Maxhuni, Alex Murphy, Erik Murphy, Juho Nenonen, Matti Nuutinen, Topias Palmi, Remu Raitanen, Sasu Salin, Ilari Seppala, Elias Valtonen, and Jamar Wilson.

Finland is currently 1-1 in Group E tied with Serbia, one win behind Georgia and over winless Switzerland. Matches nearing will take place at home, Espoo, versus Georgia November 27 and Serbia November 30.

It’s worth noting that France head coach Vincent Collet recently said that the NBA refused to release players for the upcoming FIBA window commenting on NBA players missing from his national team’s preliminary list. It remains to be seen how and if any NBA player will be able to compete.