“The Brose Bamberg Dancers have shown more commitment than certain players”

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Aris Barkas

05/Jun/18 13:15


It’s the end of an era in Bamberg and after a disappointing season, a lot of things will change for the former German champs.

By Eurohoops team/ info@eurohoops.net

According to “infranken.de” the chairman of the board of Brose Bamberg, Michael Stoschek, announced that the team will rebuild with a reduced budget and “young, hungry players”.

As he said: “We will not chase after Bayern, we should follow the example of a club like Alba Berlin, a club that plays for the German championship on a smaller budget.” Stoschek didn’t hide his feeling for the season. “I’m just as disappointed as the fans, especially about the incalculable ups and downs. Our roster has the highest budget in the Bundesliga and we’ll press the reset button. The Brose Bamberg Dancers have sometimes shown more commitment than current players”.

And while Stoschek thanked coach Luca Banchi, it seems that with everything changing, his tenure in Germany will be short: “Of course we can not be satisfied with the season. Coach Luca Banchi deserves a big thank you. He plunged into this adventure and led Brose Bamberg from the tenth position to the semifinals. We want to continue to play for the top in German basketball in the future, but this year we had far too high costs compared to the results”.