Rubio: Opening a room for cancer patients is bigger than winning the World Cup

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Stefan Djordjevic

19/Sep/19 16:02

Ricky Rubio and Victor Claver opened a room for cancer patients at Dexeus University Hospital in Barcelona

By Stefan Djordjevic/

Spain’s Ricky Rubio and Victor Claver grabbed 2019 FIBA World Cup gold but soon after they’ve been on a more important mission. They helped open a room for cancer patients at the Dexeus University Hospital in Barcelona.

Both players lost a parent to cancer and Rubio, who lost his mom three years ago, noted this was far bigger for him than winning the World Cup: “She would be more proud to see me inaugurate this room than to have won the World Cup,” he said, per El Pais, and continued:

“This is a dream come true and much bigger than winning a World Cup. My mother underwent radiotherapy in the United States. There are memories that marked me a lot. I rang a bell when she needed me and broke it. There are small things a hospital can do to help patients’ happiness. I spent many hours in this room with my mother and today I did not recognize it, and it does not look like a hospital ward. Not everything should be bad news for patients and in bad spaces. These rooms should serve to disconnect. If you can enjoy a little and cut the minutes with a little distraction, much better.”

The new room promoted by the Ricky Foundation will be called “Javier Claver” in honor of Victor’s father who also died of cancer in 2011. It is also called Urban Oasis and is divided into several areas: one for relaxation, another for well-being and reading, another in which conversations can be held between patients and doctors and another for presentations.

“We have both experienced a similar situation. Right now, we see that we support each other and we are together, not only to pass the ball and make a basket. Ricky has been the MVP in the World Cup but is also an MVP for promoting these initiatives. My family and I are grateful for the gesture of baptizing the room with my father’s name. It is an example of how to transcend beyond the floor,” Claver said.