Gran Canaria: Breaking the Top8 curse

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Aris Barkas

05/Jun/18 12:59

In 2018, Gran Canaria played in the quarterfinals of the ACB playoffs for the 15th time in their history. They have qualified for the semifinals for only the second time and also got a EuroLeague ticket.

By John Askounis/

The Islanders knocked out Valencia in 2-1 last Friday and secured a place in the EuroLeague for the first time in their history. Since 2000-01, they have played in a European contest 14 times, but in 2018-2019 they will be playing in Europe’s top club competition for the first time.

Of course, this achievement, in itself, is very important for Luis Casimiro’s team. However, qualifying against Valencia is special for another reason too, since it was combined with the team’s second presence among Spain’s Top 4 teams.

Since 2000, Gran Canaria has missed the ACB playoffs only four times. Which means they have 15 appearances, but until this season, they had survived the first round only once, in 2013, when they knocked out Laboral Kutxa in 2-1. They then lost to Barcelona and a 3-0 sweep. This season, they will be going up against Real Madrid.

The following table includes all of Gran Canaria’s appearances in the Top 8

Year Opponent Result
2000 Real Madrid 0-3
2003 Estudiantes 0-3
2004 Barcelona 1-3
2005 Tau Ceramica 1-3
2006 Badalona 0-3
2007 Badalona 2-3
2009 Malaga 1-2
2010 Barcelona 0-2
2011 Caja Laboral 0-2
2013 Laboral Kutxa 2-1
2014 Malaga 1-2
2015 Real Madrid 0-2
2016 Laboral Kutxa 1-2
2017 Baskonia 1-2
2018 Valencia 2-1