ABA League falling deeper into debt, upcoming games brought into question

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Stefan Djordjevic

09/Nov/20 15:01


ABA League is facing serious legal and financial issues which could lead to the competition’s demise if not resolved soon

By Stefan Djordjevic / info@eurohoops.net

A was reported in early October, the bank in which the ABA league has an open account blocked its transactions, thus preventing its overall business operations.

The league came into such a state as a consequence of unresolved legal-property relations and disagreements between the clubs before the start of the new season.

More than a month later, it seems that nothing has been done to solve the issues and the league has been falling into debt which might bring into question the organization of the upcoming games.

According to Mozzart Sport’s Djordje Matic, the league sent a letter to the clubs stating that, due to debt to hotels, the organization of Round 7 is in danger as they could cancel the reservations. An additional problem has been the ‘Borik’ hotel in Zadar where the referees stay and which won’t work throughout November.

The same source states that the league owes as much as 145,000 euros to the hotels as well as 9,500 euros to employees. By the end of the month, 45,000 euros of taxes is expected to come in and to make matter far worse, the league didn’t submit the financial report to the authorities by the necessary deadline.

That will cost the league from a thousand to 13,000 euros in fines as well as potentially up to 26,000 more for unpaid taxes.